Optimised large file storage essential for real-time access to digital pathology and radiology images

  • Optimised storage of high resolution full slide images
  • Speedy access to digital pathology scans for busy clinicians
  • Cross-speciality storage and retrieval of high density images for radiology and pathology
  • Faster read/write speeds for collaborative remote diagnosis
  • Easily upgradable for phased implementations and growing requirements

A major plank of ‘digitally-enabled care’ is to ensure that clinicians can access and interact with ‘complete’ patient records wherever they are.

NHS Long Term Plan

With the increasing use of large digital image files in busy diagnostic environments, speed of access to complete images becomes critical. With the Dedalus use of object storage technology, real-time access becomes a reality.

Speedy collaboration and remote diagnosis

Digital pathology implementations must incorporate the optimisation of large digital image files if clinical commitment is to be built. Proficient image management is essential if clinicians are to be given instant access to images across a distributed network. Nothing irritates more than slow or partial image load.

Dedalus’ Smart object-based storage enables full distributed access and speed of image transference to ensure smooth operation in any cross-boundary care scenario.

Full multi-media storage and retrieval

Whilst digital pathology is a current challenge and radiology images have historically been digitised, new technologies and clinical processes are moving to incorporate these two diagnostic disciplines into one central source.

Dedalus’ Smart Imaging already enables the incorporation of multi-modal images such as MRI, CT, PET, and digital pathology image scans – into a single storage and management source. A core that allows faster read/write times and easy retrieval into single documents – for total diagnostic accuracy.

Fully scalable and compatible with existing systems

Dedalus Smart Imaging is a fully plug-and-play solution that integrates with existing systems and can be easily upgraded as demands increase. Incorporating the latest security and compliance protocols, this total solution can form the basis of your image management capabilities for years to come.

Digital Pathology

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MDT Collaboration

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Interoperability Platform

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