A foundational platform that enables full and complete data availability at the point of care

  • Fast secure access to complete patient data for informed decision making
  • Connect silos of information for a single, complete view of the patient record
  • Integrate care – across the lab network, throughout the trust, or between health and social care
  • Enable collaborative working for improved patient outcomes and reduced acute readmission rates
  • Future-proof integrated care with embodiment of latest standards

Local NHS organisations will increasingly move to Integrated Care Systems everywhere

NHS Long Term Plan

The push for interoperability across the health and social care landscape is now one of the highest priorities in the NHS. At Dedalus, our X4H vendor-neutral interoperability platform consolidates data from many disparate systems to give a single, actionable patient record available to all healthcare users for optimum care planning.

Multi-directional workflows within strict security protocols

Unlike most conventional interoperability platforms which only offer mono-directional data flows and simple data aggregation, X4H enables multi-directional workflows to give true interoperability to clinicians, laboratories, pharmacies, mental health, GPs and community staff – all within strict security and privacy protocols. It even has the ability to empower patients to take part in their own care via Patient Portal applications.

Embodying the latest global healthcare standards

Built around the latest global standards, including HL7, IHE, FHIR and CDA2, X4H enables seamless and accurate data interchange between systems and organisations to provide a future-proof platform for future developments. We also deploy PRSB (Professional Record Standards Body) care record formats to ensure all systems across health and social care can identify and retrieve the right information for safe and effective care.

The system comprises:

  • Single sign-on authentication
  • eMPI – Master patient index for accurate patient identification
  • Terminology engine – ensuring disparate coding methodologies can be accurately matched – embodying dm+d and SNOMED CT – for precise diagnoses and treatment
  • Document & clinical data repository
  • Policy & consent manager
  • Integration engine – for both micro (within a discipline) and macro (cross-specialty) interoperability across third party systems

Underpinning our Integrated Care Services

As part of our 4Health Solutions suite, X4H enables fully integrated care both within the acute setting and out into the community. The development and enablement of fully integrated care pathways are facilitated by our Integrated Care Services which ensure that accurate and relevant information is available that meets all clinical and patient needs. We don’t simply provide the platform – we go the extra mile to ensure we deliver proven care outcomes.


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Integrated Care Services

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