Deliver improved patient safety through integrated electronic prescribing & medicines management

  • Reduce medication errors and inappropriate prescribing with built-in clinical decision support
  • Reduce costs with efficient control of formulary management and stock control
  • Provide integrated care with electronic transmission of medication records across the hospital and out into the community
  • Avoid unnecessary re-admissions with complete drug and treatment handover on discharge

The NHS Long Term Plan states that over the next five years, all providers will be expected to implement ePMA systems to reduce errors by up to 30%. With Dedalus’ ePMA, clinicians have access to comprehensive patient information for accurate diagnosis and subsequent treatment either at the bedside, via laptops or tablets, or direct from their office. As the NHS dm+d (dictionary of medicines and devices) catalogue is natively inbuilt and SNOMED CT coding is embedded – all diagnoses, drugs and treatments can be accurately understood and shared between different clinical systems across any care setting for fully integrated care and improved patient outcomes.

Supporting complex drug regimens with complete data

Drug combinations and dosages are often used to treat complex conditions such as diabetes. Dedalus’ ePMA supports the user through this multi-faceted and sequentially-timed drug administration process. It gives clinicians access to key information such as lab results and historical data at the point of care to ensure safe medicines management.

Web-based usability for all your clinicians

Designed from a clinician’s standpoint, Dedalus ePMA is a web-based clinical workflow solution that gives the user an intuitive, easy to follow system that reflects daily practices and substantially eases user adoption, supporting all of the various clinical roles.

Integrated care services – the bedrock of your future

Adopting the latest FHIR, HL7 and IHE standards, Dedalus is committed to facilitating fully integrated care both now and for your future. Rather than just ensuring data is simply transferred between systems, Dedalus is dedicated to achieving the full interactive sharing and usage of information at the point of care.
Underpinned with possibly the most powerful integration engine on the market, Dedalus ePMA is interoperable with any hospital information system, laboratory or nursing system and even incumbent pharmacy stock management systems.

But our interoperability services are not based on product; they are based on understanding your processes and developing effective clinical pathways that deliver improved patient care and quality outcomes across the healthcare continuum.

MDT Collaboration

Combine multidisciplinary expertise, communicate, share data and plan activities for streamlined care.

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Integrated Care Services

Facilitate cross-boundary care with full data sharing and clinical pathway development.

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Interoperability Platform

Underpinning all our Integrated Care Services is a powerful open data platform.

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