Reduce wait times and improve diagnostic accuracy with collaborative digital pathology

  • Increase diagnostic accuracy – with full end-to-end specimen, results and report tracking
  • Optimise scarce pathologist time – with specialty-specific, remote diagnoses
  • Speed up second opinions – with collaborative digital analysis and confirmations
  • Integrate anatomical pathology across hub and spoke networks for full management control

Dedalus is one of the only vendors to offer solutions that support the entire Anatomical Pathology process from specimen registration and tracking, to collaborative diagnosis and reporting – from door-to-door.

Centre of excellence for hub and spoke network

With the Dedalus workflow management solution, Digital Pathology can form the core of excellence for regional hubs, whilst its powerful interoperability platform allows connectivity across the remaining disciplines and satellite labs to provide a fully integrated, multi-disciplinary pathology networ

Cross-site collaboration helps meet 2-week waits

High resolution imagery and digital connectivity allows collaborative diagnoses and second opinions to be sought remotely. This allows hospitals to share scarce specialist Pathologists and ensure diagnostic accuracy. Dedalus’ Digital Pathology not only increases patient safety but also improves turn-round times – ensuring 2-week targets are met.

Multi-modal diagnosis and reporting

With experience gained over two decades, Dedalus’ Cellular Pathology LIS (Laboratory Information System) supports the complete needs of anatomical pathology, while its vendor-neutral, device middleware ensures connectivity with existing LIMS, scanners, analysers and third party products to create an integrated solution across the whole lab or network.

This connectivity includes the integration of key Radiology disciplines – when the hospital is ready – to provide a fully multi-modal diagnosis and reporting tool that gives the complete picture.

Large image storage & management

For fast access to large image files over a distributed network, Dedalus’ Smart Imaging utilises state-of-the-art object-based technology to incorporate the latest security and compliance protocols and optimise image storage and retrieval for streamlined diagnoses.

Total management visibility and control

All pathology processes begin and end outside of the lab with samples being taken in operating theatres, wards or GP surgeries. Dedalus can provide its own web Order Entry system or connect to existing PAS or EPR modules to provide complete end-to-end tracking of specimens and results reporting for total workload visibility, management and control

Image Management & Storage

Speedy access to digital pathology and radiology images with optimised large file storage.

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MDT Collaboration

Combine multidisciplinary expertise, communicate, share data and plan activities for streamlined care.

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Integrated Care Services

Facilitate cross-boundary care with full data sharing and clinical pathway development.

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