4Health Solutions

Designed by-clinicians-for-clinicians, Dedalus 4Health Solutions support virtually all aspects of patient care. From increasing patient medicines safety to ensuring detailed tracking of all aspects of care (patients, drugs, equipment, staff), and from improving diagnostic accuracy to streamlining laboratory workflow, Dedalus enables huge cost and efficiency savings across the healthcare enterprise. The integrated solution portfolio unites disparate disciplines and promotes collaborative working to facilitate the staged move to fully interoperable digital healthcare.

Revolutionary Strategy to evolve IT systems

  • Clinical data sharing
  • Data accessibility
  • Between clinicians
  • Between clinicians & patients

Diagnostic Care Solutions

for increased diagnostics accuracy and collaborative care

As foundational disciplines for all front-line clinical services, diagnostic care is vital in improving health outcomes.  With historical stand-alone departments supporting single hospital units, Radiology and Pathology now need to optimise costly resources, share results and integrate services across multiple locations.

Dedalus provides end-to-end solutions that bring the power of full clinical workflow management, exceptional image management and storage, and multi-disciplinary collaboration.  Trusts can now access fully interoperable region-wide solutions that maximise equipment and clinical staff, increase diagnostic accuracy, improve test turn-round times and help meet the NHS digital agenda.

Clinical Care Solutions

for improved patient safety across the healthcare enterprise

With pressing demands to improve patient medications safety and meet NHS Paperless 2020, Scan4Safety and GS1… targets, Trusts are hard pressed to prioritise.  Dedalus’ clinical care solutions ensure that no matter where you start the end-point will be a fully integrated whole.

Dedalus’ clinical care solutions expedite the acute patient care journey with multiple clinical touch points from outpatient clinics, operating theatres and inpatient wards, to A&E and pharmacy departments – to provide a fully integrated, trackable and traceable solution set that helps reduce medication errors, ensures optimum care and best use of resources (staff, drugs, equipment) across the enterprise.

Foundational Infrastructure

for total systems interoperability and control

Core to all our diagnostic and clinical front-end solutions are our powerful interoperability, ERP, billing and analytics engines. These provide the ability to integrate either existing or new solutions to fit the individual Trust requirements, ensure all costs are tracked and are rechargeable, and extract key intelligence for enterprise-wide control and workload management.