Service excellence to help deliver safer, integrated care

From project management to training and support, change management to interoperability and analytics, cloud hosting to database support, we can help make sure you have the right services to ensure you deliver safer and more cost effective, integrated patient care.

Core Support Services

Our core services incorporate implementation work streams that facilitate interface development, configuration, and testing, the establishment of service leads and super users and the governance to manage the project – plus ongoing maintenance and dedicated IT helpdesk assistance once the system is operational.

Professional Services

In addition to our core support, Dedalus provides a range of professional services to ease system establishment and ensure the whole multi-disciplinary team are able to achieve maximum clinical benefits.


Our in-depth training includes process mapping of clinical workflows, training the key clinical trainers, plus the system managers and the Trust helpdesk support staff, to enable them to carry out onsite Level 1 and 2 trouble-shooting - all Level 3 queries are handled by Dedalus.

Project Management

Two levels of project management services are available dependent upon the level of competency and bandwidth available in the Trust or CCG, and the level of in-house involvement required, to ensure final project success and full operational usage.

Business Analytics

Our Business Intelligence & Analytics expertise enables healthcare organisations to clarify what information is vital, for which users, and how to deliver complete information to them fast. We provide workflow mapping and best practice advice to streamline clinical workflows and improve care outcomes.

Change Management

With expertise across both the healthcare and social care communities, Dedalus understands the impact that IT implementations have on staff. Our change management minimises these impacts, ensures full clinical buy-in and delivers healthcare improvements with – benefits realisation, process analytics and stakeholder management – to ensure full systems adoption.


Implementing solutions is not simply about IT systems but about the people who use them. At Dedalus, our range of consultancy enables you to redesign services against the needs of the patients and the staff. We deliver transformational change that meets end-to-end clinical needs both now and for the future.


Interoperability is the single highest priority for NHS IT leaders to enable systems to share information on patient care – across the healthcare ecosystem. Dedalus interoperability can help ensure healthcare professionals have access to the information they need, when they need it. We help join up systems, to provide a solution that meets your needs.

Cloud Hosting

Migrating to the Cloud to make the most of your network efficiency, cross-site software synergy, data security and system scalability can be a tricky equation to square. Via our G-Cloud 10 hosting, we provide a range of on-premise, Hybrid or full Cloud offerings that meet exacting healthcare specifications.

Linux & PostgreSQL Database Support

Access to, and maintenance of, existing NHS databases is vital for continued patient care. For larger datasets, Dedalus offers both Oracle and PostgreSQL support to ensure uninterrupted access to vital data.

Whether in diagnostics, acute clinical care or in connecting the healthcare enterprise, our aim is to provide every healthcare professional with the solutions they need to deliver patient care efficiently, and to the highest standards.

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