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Seizing the opportunity – now is the time to piece together the information ‘jigsaw puzzle’ and solve the interoperability challenge.

By Judith Smith, Managing Director, Dedalus UK The NHS has been facing one of the most challenging times in its history. Quite rightly, every ounce of energy, money and effort has been invested in fighting COVID-19, with medical interventions and digital services being implemented to provide vital care to everyone that needs it. It’s at times like this, that interoperability and the ability to be able to access accurate information quickly, easily and with efficiency, is of utmost importance. It not only ensures an individual healthcare organisation can identify, triage and treat vulnerable…

Dedalus UK response to COVID-19

With the rapid development of COVID-19 in the UK, Dedalus believe it’s important to be open about how we’re responding.  With family values and people at the heart of our business, we have taken the following precautions to protect our employees as well as those with whom we work. The below information reflects our guidelines at 16th March 2020.  As the situation progresses we will update relevant points accordingly: Remote Working Dedalus UK has long been an advocate of providing the flexibility for employees to achieve the most relevant and efficient working balance suited to their role.…

Dedalus Holding, controlled by Ardian, submits a firm offer to Agfa-Gevaert Group to buy of its healthcare software business and enters into an exclusivity agreement for the acquisition

London, 5th December 2019 – Dedalus Holding, a company 60% majority-owned by the independent private investment company Ardian, has submitted a firm offer and entered into exclusive negotiations to acquire part of Agfa-Gevaert’s healthcare software business (the “Business”). The Business, which generates around 260 million Euro of full-year revenues, is made up of Agfa’s Healthcare Information Solutions and Integrated Care activities, as well as associated Imaging IT activities integrated into these units. With a total turnover of 470 million Euro, the acquisition of Agfa-Gevaert’s healthcare…

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