May 2019 – Dedalus UK is pleased to announce the award of the ISO 27001 certification – an information security management system that has been achieved by demonstrating the company’s commitment to protecting data and corporate information. This rigorous data security standard shows that Dedalus has the processes, procedures and controls in place to protect data, its confidentiality and availability throughout the company.

With the national focus on GDPR compliance for personal data confidentiality and the need for thorough system and process security, we are delighted to have achieved this tough accreditation with the invaluable help of our partner Hytec. ISO 27001 works hand in glove with GDPR to ensure full data protection and system security throughout an organisation.

Data privacy, and the ability to account for it, is a critical capability in the NHS where we deal daily with sensitive patient and care information. ISO 27001 confirms our ability to manage the security of information assets such as financial information, intellectual property, employee details and data entrusted to us by third parties – across the NHS. This independent statement of our capability gives our partners and customers the added safety that the risk of security threats is kept to an absolute minimum.

Judy Smith, Managing Director at Dedalus UK stated: “ISO 27001 is now part of our process DNA. We are delighted that the diligent set of security standards we have always strived to maintain have now been evidenced in the award announcement. It provides a recognised demonstration to all our customers that our commitment to security and the ability ‘go the extra mile’ flows through all of our activities.”